Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe

Played through こもれびに揺れる魂のこえ. I can't appreciate enough how retarded this game is.

A healing lolige taking place in an orphanage with a priest protagonist whose occupation never comes up in any way. I'm not joking, the game quite literally never even mentions religion. A calm, even a bit boring common route, but an inoffensive one that gets the job done. After it the writer went insane, because I can't find any other rational explanation for the ensuing trash. A little drama for each route would’ve been fine and that’s what the game essentially delivers you in the end, but the same contrived background reason for everything is delivered with the grace and subtlety of an industrial jackhammer, and none of it is ever actually used outside backstory.

I don’t mind  genre shifts, but it’s hard to even call it that in this case. It’s more like everything just has to be tied to the same contrived plot reason that doesn’t actually influence the game events themselves, and which could’ve been easily replaced with anything more conventional. For example: Sui  got abandoned by her parents because she’s just a cheap clone of their dead daughter instead of just explaining she had regular bad parents, the main drama whether she leaves or not would've stayed exactly the sameа. Ayana  has issues because the scientists ran her through some tests that are never elaborated further and touched her inappropriately, instead of just giving her a normal abuse background. Koharu  has an existential crisis and super intelligence and has said intelligence hidden behind a memory wipe that the Creator made sure of, a trait that NEVER gets brought up. The protagonist  has a split personality because adafdsfsadfasd science, with said personality shift rearing its head only in Koharu route for some reason, and his Creator brother was a rapidly aging genius like this was motherfucking Metal Gear or something, instead of the protagonist just having a bad childhood

All of these backstories could’ve easily been replaced with anything sensible considering the actual scope of the game. And the diary with all of the information is clumsily dropped on you at the end of common route, cue moping protagonist. Or if deciding to keep it, the sub-heroine routes that are locked for no reason whatsoever could’ve been perhaps used to dive into the setting so the background stuff isn’t just left up in the air, but instead they’re just gutted side routes that are literally a scene or two long and just an excuse to have H-scenes. Tsubaki’s is especially weird, because it’s a start of a basic utsuge plot where the background trait actively causes more drama, but it’s just a few minutes long and ends with nothing solved. The end result is a game where the heavy plot stuff doesn’t get used enough to justify itself, and character drama feels weird since the said plot stuff is only in the background.

The pacing of romance is also bad to the point even Elevens at EGS dislike H-scenes. Sui’s first H-scene for example doesn't make any sort of sense. There’s very little romantic development, or to be more precise, a girl who doesn't understand literally anything. She's characterized as a heroine who even has a hard time finding right words for her emotions and needs to ask about basic shit all the time like a toddler: for all intents and purposes a girl who very likely doesn’t even know about the very existence of sex. The protagonist himself is a basic nice guy as well who didn’t really get development of suddenly viewing Sui as a love interest either, nor is the guy characterized as a natural born lolicon or anything. Sudden H-scenes are nothing special in this medium, but in this case it just doesn't make any sort of sense for either character. The protagonist just pushes her down and a few lines later they’re both undressed. And no, the game doesn’t even acknowledge the perviness or the taboo of the situation either, so it’s not like you can even fetishize it. It’s so weird and out of place.

As for other nitpicks: There’s also the usual kind of contrived plotge related stuff like events only happening dependent on route that has no actual correlation to anyone’s actions, like  the protagonist’s evil split personality only manifesting in Koharu route, Ayana’s emotions only getting out of hand in her route, or Sui’s grandparents appearing only in her route. It’s just lazy. All in all, we got a crazy background element that doesn’t actually do anything in the story that could’ve been replaced with literally anything that didn’t require the writer to stop taking his medication, a priest protagonist who never does or thinks anything even remotely priestly, gutted routes and romance that is more sudden than me cooming prematurely if I ever happen to lose my virginity.

archive: https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S22366219#p22425460