Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na

This game is probably one of the "babbies first VN". The character types couldn't be more common and the stories go hand in hand with that. Someone also thought it's a good idea to make every damn character more or less into some sort of "childhoodfriend".

-The princess is the "has met him once when she was young" type.
-You have the "lives next door" type including the "windows right next to the window of MC's room"

-The non blood related younger sister type living in the same place
-The non blood related older sister type

It's pretty awful to be honest, unless this is your first visual novel, as the stories are also extremely standard and not very well done. The one minor positive route of this was Midori, which somewhat reminded me of Daito. But even her route was ultimately messed up in the climax, where the problem was made into a no-problem instead of solving or dealing with it. It's super unfitting, as this also meant the underlying issues are simply ignored. Great writing. But at least it's "happy", huh? Right.

I stopped during Estelle's route, which was added later on. The writing was still at best mediocre here, which isn't working with a sensible thing like racism that they tried to look at here. Honestly though, nobody needed this. The entire fucking game doesn't care about the moon + earth setting and NOW they are starting? So half assed with a generic racism plotline? Oh come on. The setting was so wasted on this game.

To be honest, I still don't understand how August managed to create Daito. It's mostly the same writers, yet Daito is actually good. Sure that has its issues, but it's still like day and night.