Gekkou no Carnevale

I'm dropping Gekkou no Carnevale. I wanted to like it. I like the setting, atmosphere, music and the production values are great as well. (lots of backgrounds for example) But, as always, the writing and story are just nowhere near good.

Honestly, why do writers love basing their predictable story around misunderstandings between characters so much? Why do they like to care so little about characters acting in ways that can be believable instead of doing anything just to advance the plot into the predictable direction they want it to go? Also, kick the dog villains are awful. Why not actually put a LITTLE work into villains? Gotta say, I've not seen a more by the book "kick the dog" villain scene like this in a while.

Of course, the answer to all of that is: Because most readers apparently don't care either. A shame though, because the setting and SOME characters show some promise. Ever since Rebecca started to appear, everything went downhill fast though. To the point I've not even managed to get till the final heroine. Not like that would matter at this point, given the general quality of the story and writing. Everything feels so fucking artificial. No natural flow whatsoever. I can't care anymore. 

Oh well, onto the next.