Extravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~

I just finished Extravaganza and it was a very cool game. Game's probably very love-it or hate-it but it was a huge hit for me. Absolutely loved the system and the way the story progressed, and how you watched Yumemi grow up all the way to seeing her as an adult. The game was also extremely cool in how much the story branched and diverged based off of what you did, really nice to see. Also, the abundance of bad ends added a lot of stakes to the story. It's really tense when you don't know if what you are reading is heading down a fucked-up bad end or not. 

If I were to offer complaints it'd be that I was kind of disappointed with the final chapter of the game. I thought that it had some really cool shit, but I would have liked to see more done with Yumemi. 

I feel like this VN is pretty unique though. Not sure if there's really anything else like it.