Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai

Just finished Wakasama.

In short the game is more or less Kouya 2.0.

The text/quality of presentation itself is pretty good, though I guess it's to be expected from Romeo.

The story itself though kinda feels lackluster, in that sense it's definitely Kouya 2.0. It deals with Japanese mythology the like so I won't go into much detail but it's basically Kouya 2.0 with Japanese mythology thrown into it.

The game only has one "route" (well 2 but the other route is an off-shot of the main story and also pretty short, just some H-scenes and not much story). There are no chuuni battles in this game as you pretty much have a god on your side and even when it's between chars with the same power level they also end pretty quickly via some Deus ex machina shit (Super Saiyan mode-esque stuff). A lot of cool side-characters but they're only brought of once in their acts (which are rather short and there's like 2~3 of them), so typical Minato I guess,

There's a lot of choice in the game but a lot of them are either dead-ends or flavor text/joke.

But the game gates progression of the main story to these other choices via a flag system (stickers in the game) that carries over. If you don't have the required stickers then you'll get a dead-end at some point in the story. Meaning you have to see certain dead-ends/pick certain choices/finish the other short route first before you can progress on with the story.

While they make it pretty obvious when you receive these stickers in-game, in certain dead-ends you can only receives these after you're thrown back to the title screen and you have to click on them as they appear on screen to receive them. They appear on the top left corner of the screen and can be pretty hard to spot at first. So if you're stuck (especially in the dead-end at the beginning) make sure to check other choices and find those stickers.

The game has a major plot dump near the end that gives some pretty simple/vague explanations. The ending itself also leaves much to be desired. So be warned if you're not a fan of those.

Overall it's a bog-standard Minato game.

6/10 (+1 if you're a fan of Romeo)