Symphonic Rain

Finished Symphonic Rain.

Thanks anons for encouraging me to continue without skipping, I liked it a lot. I thought the strongest element of each route was the melancholy, and I actually enjoyed the story less when the protagonist got over indecision. For the most part that would be forgivable, but it felt rushed at times.  I felt that Torta good end seemed out of character because she spent years racked with guilt, but then suddenly has the maturity to face Chris just because grandma stopped her at the door. That decision point should have been a choice for Torta, not for me, and it makes the bad end seem more "true" than the good end.

It was pretty well done in regards to having the puzzle pieces fit in place at the end, although I wish they had gone a little farther.  It is wasted potential that there is no way of seeing Fal or Rise ends from Torta's perspective. Fal end, there could be more description about how she was deceitful, and there weren't any interactions shown between Fal and Arsino. I know he gets screwed over no matter what, but a little text about his male partner or how Fal stands him up after the performance would have been nice