Sora no Tsukurikata -Under the Same Sky, Over the Rainbow-

Sora no Tsukurikata was fun for the first 5 hours and did a lot right. Then it became a moege in terms of its storytelling. If you are fairly negative, you can see that coming, but I hoped that there's more to this. In the end it feels like a moege author tried something else but told the story like moege tell their drama. The worst was also how the protagonist changed from one second to the other, as soon as the heroine chapters start. In the end, I just couldn't give any shits anymore. It just felt so.. different. So dropped.

Will not touch the "sequel" either. The character designs are a ton worse and the heroine characterizations and summary make me think, nothing will have changed in terms of how the story is told and what the priorities are. I mean "One day, Natsu and Makoto rescued a princess who was looking for her missing older brother. This girl Yuki was actually Tsukasa’s imouto…" yeah. Right.