Shin Koihime † Musou - Kakumei ~Ryuuki no Taibou~

I just finished 劉旗の大望. I enjoyed it but I have to say it's the weakest of the remakes. Despite putting the most effort into redoing the main story, they got really lazy with the character events, the cast, and the main character.

 Characters join the faction and never do anything significant again (which was a problem back in SKM), they kept the old events verbatim again even though they rewrote the main story, so you have shit like Yue or Ren's events starting with them very familiar with the MC despite having nothing to do with him prior since it's the same event as SKM and they did interact with him there, and they changed the main story role of some heroines but kept the events that referenced their old role which was super immersion breaking, and the MC is non-existent. Like, in an isekai eroge I know it's expected for the MC to lack presence but you could literally remove him from the main story and I can't think of a single change that would make to the story, while in 蒼天の覇王 and especially 孫呉の血脈 he actually contributes. 

I both enjoyed myself, and was disappointed. All the remakes are clearly much better than their original, but deciding to keep in the old script damn near verbatim was a huge mistake, of course things fall apart when you do that but change the story and add twice as many new characters. They spent so much time trying to juggle the cast while keeping the old script that some characters did nothing new in the remake. The next game is in a brand new setting so at least they can't fall into this trap again.