Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation-

I'm usually one to be supportive of stories that spell out their themes and character development. I'm not particularly smart so it's nice when the author points out the obvious stuff.

But it's another thing altogether when the author bombards the reader with the same words, the same phrases all the time, again and again, even at points where they don't seem to match the scene that well. Even an idiot will get tired of that. There's only so many times you can slam the words さみしい and 悲しい onto the screen until I get desensitized to their meaning and start to associate it with filler rather than something that brings meaning and emotion to the story. There is an actual line between obvious storytelling and obnoxiously obvious storytelling.

I have to wonder what the author thinks he's accomplishing by doing this. It doesn't improve the quality of the story, rather it just makes it harder and more frustrating to read. Something that should be fun and exciting and has all the elements in place to be consistently awesome (I like mahou shoujo, dream worlds, fantasy, and even Favorite's art, go figure) has ended up being more tepid and dull than it has any need to be. As much as I like, even LOVE this VN at points, it goes through such extremes in quality that I often find myself questioning my own taste from yesterday. It actually feels like they made a 9/10 game and decided that it was TOO GOOD the way it was and deliberately added a bunch of garbage to make it worse because the world would implode if they actually released a high quality game.