Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~

Finished Yui and unfortunately Rikako routes of Parfait, and don't feel like doing any other routes. I played all routes except Ema to the h-scene point but I just don't want to go after heroines other than Rikako though. I wish I'd known to play her in the last though, because pretty much all the game that I played till now was great.

In fact the game didn't feel boring at any time which is rare for an eroge. I had always thought that the cafe scenes would be extremely boring like something the shit in kgne or cooking filler scenes your average VN. All the characters are excellent, and can play their role when needed

Personally, its the best 'slice of life' VN that I played and Rikako route is probably the best I've seen in the little fiction I consume, I guess I just ended liking Rikako that much. Maybe I guess this game is the best non-utsuge, slice of life(that is without any big plot like save the world, or dystopia or something). 

I guess it may be kind of embaressing, but I this is probably my fav VN heroine till now and I haven't felt feeling of 未練(from it being just a game) in quite a while