Owarinaki Natsu, Towa Naru Shirabe

I've been playing this for a while (surprisingly it's not crashing on me), and I've gotta say the game's name (終わりなき夏永遠なる音律) is seriously exactly what you get: IT DOES NOT END. And it feels way longer than it should be as well, which is the biggest problem. It was okay for a while, but at some point all these pointless slice of life arcs where nothing happens anyway are just... ugh. After having the same misunderstanding for the tenth time, you'd think it has to stop. No. No... it never stops. 

Luckily you can drop games. Somewhat of a pity, as I would've liked to read a route or two, but whatsoever. Also: The redhead was so utter shit, god dammit.