Otome Kishi♥Ima Sugu Watashi o Dakishimete

I just finished my first (and only) route in Otomekishi. I'm honestly positively surprised.

First about the bad: The presentation could've really used some work. Sometimes sprites feel like they don't fit the presentation. The blonde girl ended up being one hell of an egg-head and in general you have rather fluctuating art given that it has multiple artists. (was that actually necessary, given that this isn't full-price?)

Now for the good: I played Chitose's route, and what I liked about the whole thing was, that the characters weren't written too one dimensional. This was mostly apparent for the heroine I chose obviously, but even for the other two you saw some glimpses already. Chitose had quite a few traits for her, and she didn't feel artificially written either. (i.e. forced to be "cute" all the time, which tends to always fail)

Likewise the writing didn't assume you are a dummy for the most part. Foreshadowing isn't rubbed into your face, and the general progression seems actually reasonable enough, including the trap-reveal in that route. Although some clichés are still used, at least the results weren't exaggerated. 

One problem you could see is how the actual big "festival" with the whole hunter and rabbit thing actually didn't matter much at all. It's not like it wasn't written out. It just doesn't really matter much for the relationship with the heroine(s). No knight moment for Chitose either, which was lackluster. It wouldn't be a problem, if Chitose didn't have so much else to actually write about, but alas.

You also have ero, quite a bit after it actually starts. It's a mix of insanely sugary scenes, quite a bit of light exhibitionism (pic related) and generally a lot of back and forth between the characters. Some of this might surprise a little, but hey. The art for this girl was also good, as it was done by the probably best artist working at this. (previously working for Ryokucha , which is even with the rather different coloring easy enough to recognize. Chitose really looks like the main Heroine of Natsukoi)

This was better than expected. There's just one little thing I'd like to nitpick here. I've seen this a few times, but this whole "I like you as someone from the opposite gender" formulation is just so weird in trap games. Feels like there'd be no love if they'd have the same gender. Devalues the whole thing for no reason. In normal eroge, this might not matter so much, as the gender of the characters is never really the question, but here? Most of the relationship is built upon one party assuming, the other one is of the same gender.

archive: https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S21371607#p21372408