Natsuiro Koi Uta

I know Koisora was mentioned in this thread a bit ago, but I can't recommend that. Too much awful drama. The writer is pretty bad with that.

He does however have a work without that, where drama stays surprisingly mild and completely understandable: Natsukoi. 

This game's only issue is, how it basically is a single heroine game that for some reason has 3 more heroines. It makes 0 sense to play those routes. Common is 99% part of the main girl's route, the last 1% is a short really weird phase where protag needed to show minor interest into not going into that girl's route. Still the best thing he made. Technically Nankoi or Koisora could've been better, but god dammit the drama. Oh also, I didn't read anything but the main route. Can't say what's in the others. Pretty irrelevant for this one though I feel.