Minikui Mojika no Ko

Finished playing mojika. I have to say I liked it. I've seen many here mention how "it's shit that there's only one good ending", but I don't agree. I think all the routes were enjoyable on their own.

One of my favorite parts about this game was the fact that it's a nukige, yet  the konseisama scenes in particular (konseisama could even be a metaphor for the eroge industry, feeding on the sexual energies of people in order to keep itself alive) and some others as well could just as well work as arguments against carnal pleasures. The  use of tamasa deadens sex into a cheap form of entertainment, simple stress relief, just as the game serves as a sexual escape from real life for many of its players.

I can see why many did not like the game, since what you get at the start, and what you get in the end is quite different. Different ideals are at play at different points in the story, the game is both 醜い and 美しい. Those who expect to get only one of these at once will of course be disappointed.