Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o

Played Miagete Goran. Was pretty underwhelming. 

It's kinda hilarious, how bad the flashbacks are in that game though. The writer is kinda known for padding, but it's heavy. First he does the "show, don't tell" concept, then an hour later he flashes back and does "tell" as well. Makes it feel like the writer thinks, you can't read between lines at all, but it's probably just the usual padding problem. Some scenes also start randomly in the middle and then show the beginning at a point, nobody cares anymore because you literally know everything that happened there already anyway. It feels like a jumbled mess.

It also doesn't help that everything that's not directly about the main three feels like it's just tacked on to have a "school element" and more heroines. The way it's handled was so bad.

Honestly, I think the game would've been so much better, if there just was complete focus about the main three and all of the other shit wasn't there. But alas, gotta have your 2+mb game. Not like this problem is new.