Finished Karen as my last Making*Lovers route. As expected, best route and best girl, definitely was a great way to end this VN experience.

I find that a big problem I have with moege is that they just lose momentum at some point in the heroine routes, usually after the first scene. But Karen's route was greatly helped by the absolutely amazing chemistry she had with the MC that managed to bring out the ichaicha and comedy well even during the less dramatic chapters. It feels less like the writers throwing ichaicha in your face for the sake of padding, it feels more "organic", as strange as that sounds when describing a moege relationship.

 Reina and Saki's routes did this too (the relatively short length helps), but Karen's did it best. It's routes like this that remind me of what I like in tsundere heroines, and how a straightforward moege route can actually be effective if the character writing hits the right spots.