Koioto Se Piace

The banter and dialogue in Koisepi was better than expected, although it does lose its edge a little as you get through the game. The music story is actually surprisingly fine as well, at least for the first two arcs.

The third arc was unfortunately not too good. The writer tries to do some drama, and even manages to create a few very valid points to think about, but at the end nothing seems to really matter anymore anyway which makes the entire thing feel pointless and unsatisfying. The final climax was crap as well as a result, as it felt unsatisfying and was just simply heavy cheese. The budget also was awkward here, as the same damn song was used for OP, "live 1", "live 2" and the unskipable credits that come 1 minute after the second live. Could've left out the pointless SUPER SLOW FORCED AUTOMODE narration during the live, that makes no sense anyway, and let just the credits roll there. That part was so weird anyway.

Campus typical you can pay for the afterstory, which only has the purpose to give the ero. And that's what it was.

That said, if the voice-actor of the heroine is really completely new, and not just an unknown alias, that's definitely one to look out for. She performed quite well, no matter if it's the genki and silly part, when it gets a little serious, or when she teases (be it sexually during lewds or not). It's probably fair to say that she carried the whole thing quite a bit.