Kamikaze ☆ Explorer!

Played some Kamikaze Explorer. Common was a bit hit and miss. Some arcs where good, some weren't. Kinda felt like the writer swapped around in an awkward way there. 
Unfortunately the route I tried was also fail, and in a rather shitty way. Your typical "tomboy, buddy girl" turning into.. well, pic related. 

The writer was aware of that, making the girl reference how she really doesn't act like herself, but that doesn't exactly fix the issue. They can do these things with literally any other heroine in the cast, where one would be even made for this stuff. Why is it happening here? Did the writer decide on the story, before he knew about the heroine's character? Writer swap and he just didn't feel like working with the character he got from common? No idea.

Well, there were boobs and a surprisingly nice OST. So there's that.