Kagerou Touryuuki

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Characters are meh, prose is good. Stories aren't bad by VN standards, p. banal by normie lit standards. You appreciate Mareni for his  pissingprose fetish or not at all.

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Take picrelated's plot, for instance..

Main theme:  wonderland/it was all a dream with the standard "stay/leave" choice at the end ("leave" is of course considered true, sister comes to senses and gets a chance at redemption, happy end).

Girl routes? The prim girl's route hints at some depth but it really goes nowhere  her 'dark side' serves only as a set-up for sex, aside from obvious tie-ins with the sister's possessive side which feels redundant considering we already have the boatman. The plot highlight goes to the tentacle boss fight that plays out exactly as it would in a Disney movie. Too bad it undercuts the mansion's dark side's presence which should really be an all-powerful presence here, thematically

The librarian and the bard are both completely forgettable - whatever happened to them, I already forgot and I read it two years ago at most.  Not to mention a missed opportunity there at elaborating why they're bad ends, e.g. their personalities souring and the darkness spilling out - in subtle ways, so there'd be more 'aha!' moments thinking back to them when you learn of the mansion's true nature in the true route

The hannya boatman's route is the best by far because it actually ties in with the main story and advances the plot, but again it's a lot of going back and forth with barely any character development until the whole thing starts to unravel.

One thing that was potentially interesting is  how the different girls represented the MC's relationship with his sister (though I'm not sure what role the musician played there, aside from satisfying a tomboy fetish)?

I call it banal because there was nothing at all there that surprised me, or me made interested in what would happen next - the plot became transparent from the moment you started learning about MC's backstory and never really did anything interesting with the heroines. There's just no tension, no time you'd actually feel worried about anything or care about any of the characters involved.

Is it still good? Yes, because Mareni. Well-written walls of text if you're into that sort of thing (I know I was, back then, probably still am now).