Hikari no Umi no Apeiria

                                                       Finally finished Apeiria

At first I didn't really like the game, since it seemed so ridiculous, but then I've grown to like it after the first two loops, particularly thanks to thinker, his mind games with the mc were godly. I even had hopes it could become interesting on the sf part. Finnally it turned out just ridiculous, with all those matrix bullshit, how many times did the author considere that the story of his game needed to be shitted on before he ended it?

Maybe it's just that the author wasn't on writing a serious story and I took it too seriously.
Both the revelation about kuon's mother and miu's real identity ruined for me the little fun I had in their routes. My ranking of the route is as such : Kuon > Miu > Mashiro > Apeiria yes even after those final revelations I prefered both Kuon and Miu's route by far since I found the other two so boring.