Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~

The Akashi side wasn't any different than the Yuuma side. Can't say I can agree with that one anon here, who said that one side is boring, the other good. Neither side was boring, neither side was good. Not going to repeat why, because it's literally the same reason.
In the end the game also feels underwhelming, like a lot is missing. Guess that's what happens if every single major character arc could be basically cut, because they don't matter. At the end there's too much left. Obviously, due to the two routes already not working, the final arc has no chance, especially with how short it is. 

I don't think these writers should write chuuni. As long as no major drama arc happens, they are actually completely fine. But as soon as that starts, it feels like they get forced into chuuni tropes they insert left and right, that kill a lot. Especially, because they went with the "nothing bad ever happens" idea, which is never working if you want a good action and drama. There's no consequence in the drama. As such, the supposed conflict feels cheap and over-dramatized.

They did a good job at establishing an interesting setting and cast. They did a good job with the parts that slowly unravel what's going on. But when shit hits the fan, they struggled. No "good guy" was allowed to really dirty their hands. As such no fight ever had a real victor. Unfortunately(?) they had to write chuuni, so it had to be added. But this story would've been a better one, if it didn't get written with the intent to write a chuunige. Or, alternatively, they needed to let the characters dirty their hands. At least somewhat. If something bad can actually happen, maybe then I'm not facepalming over the overly emotional scream of a character, upon seeing someone they care about all bloody in front of them. Which 5 minutes later was no longer playing a role, because *insert random reason why character is fine*.

Finally, as far as the game's engine goes, this game did, for whatever reason, not play back any videos for me. Probably because of LAV or whatever. Turns out that's quite nice though, as the dev hasn't understood the concept of what ending credits mean. No, you don't play them 5 times. You play them, when the player reaches the END of the game, or an ending that can be the last one the player gets to see. Playing endings randomly, right before you progress to the next day, is just dumb. They are probably the lowest effort endings you can think of as well. (black background with the credits running over it, as a video file..) Apart of that, the game can also softlock. Not that big of a deal though, as it remembers the read text, so you can skip right to the crash. The only function "skip read text" has in this game, as you normally never encounter any.

That said, tea and chuuni are fitting surprisingly well together. Gotta admit that much.