Futari Gurashi

Played through Futarigurashi. Well that was a weak ending. So they're not even gonna bring up Mei's legal parents' reaction to her escape? New school? Though according to EGS apparently the sequel / fan disc at least has maybe some stuff about the latter, though I'm not really in the mood to play it.

Anyways, overall completely unremarkable and I'm a bit surprised at the high EGS reviews praising it as "not just your usual doujin loli title". I'm not sure if even people specifically looking for the fetish of fucking your grade schooler niece will be satisfied either, as characterization wise in my opinion the game didn't really manage to properly emphasize Mei being a kid and in general she doesn't really stand out from your usual eroge heroines. It feels like the game focused too much on the protagonist's personal trauma (often delivered through black screen narration) and loads of H-scenes at the cost of spending time characterizing Mei herself, or even giving us more SoL scenes in between. Dealing with her dead parents induced trauma is kind of shoved towards the very end and receives much less screen time than the protagonist's personal issues, despite the fact it could've perhaps been used to at least explain how Mei got to being un-childlike, or something. 

At least the censored randoseru CG got a hearty chuckle out of me.
Story and general setting wise this reminded me very much about Akabei Soft's Futamawari from last year, with a similar pairing of loners, age gap, living (mostly) under same roof and so on, though in that game's case both the heroine's age and familial relation were obviously much more deeply trenched in the safe zone.