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I'm at the end now. Gotta say, the game's system is just not suited for how the story wants to work. Having a "parallel playing" system only really works when there's meaning for it and when it's interesting to see different places at the same time to gather information about a mystery or whatever. 

Axanael however doesn't want to be a mystery or anything. In fact, most of the plot-lines run completely separately with little overlap... until they overlap to the point you don't have the split anymore anyway. 

Axanael also tries to use the time thing more to show urgency. "You only have x minutes till then, NOW GO". While that's supposed to make things flow fast and add excitement, that's soon killed by the game forcing you to go through several other plot-lines. It's counterintuitive. It's supposed to feel urgent and fast, and yet it feels like everything just takes forever, because you are basically reading several stories at the same time.

The endgame was also rather weak. Mostly because Noco being by far the weakest character and starting to be actually important. But that wasn't the only reason. It just felt rushed and weird. In theory you seem to be able to change some fates now, after finishing the game, but I'm not sure. 

The credits rolled, so it's probably just bonus content and I don't know if I need that. I sure as heck don't need the 150+ or whatever bonus-scenes in that other table, which are all as long as the transitions are going to and from them, or so it feels. Who the fuck would ever read those?!?

This game had a lot of potential, but I can understand the lukewarm reception. Even with the great visuals and audio, the fairly nice setting and characters and whatnot it just feels.. underwhelming. The system is counterintuitive, it rushes at the wrong moments and so on. Also it takes a little too long before you even know what the game wants to do. Ironically that part ends up being probably the best part of Axanael..

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Alright, I checked into the "postgame" of Axanael and, well.. I know this sounds funny but, Axanael should've never had all the Axanael stuff in it. Would've been a better game like that. 

There's a lot of content left once you see the credits roll the first time, and it all sucks. Largely because it's a mixture out of new stuff, old skipable content and "new" stuff that's actually not new at all but doesn't count as already read for reasons unknown. Also the skip function is shit, as it stops whenever a long animation plays, a scene changes or a human on this world farts. Very VERY VEEEERY unenjoyable to read. 

The story is also mostly bonkers, but honestly.. I don't feel like I can judge it well because of how awfully it's presented. Could've been good as one story. Without the BS "Axanael fate change" shit. Because every time you do that, you have to start in the middle of somewhere and are totally out of the story flow, which is hard to get into anyway, because of the "6 protags" thing. Add to that the random repetition, be it skipable or not, and it's just blergh.

Nitro+ wanted to be all fancy and special with this game. They however went way too far and it's little more than a VERY annoying gimmick that hurts the story a fuckton, but adds nothing. Even the 72 at EGS feels rather generous by now. I'm sad though. This had potential. The Axanael thing however ruined way more than it added.

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