Aoi Sora no Camus

Finished Camus as well.

First of all, it's sad how this game has better production values than over 95% of eroge nowadays. It actually has sound effects that don't sound like crap, and for quite a few things too. The music is well enough used and it has plenty of background pictures as well, to always show where you are. (which is actually quite a bit, given that the cast is mostly on the move)

The CG frequency is pretty high as well, but it IS a pretty short game, so I'm not going to say much there.

Other than that, it's quite enjoyable for most of its first two chapters. Then it gets problematic in a way, many horror games get problematic. It starts to tell its "story", which doesn't work well. The "horror" goes away, as you get to know why and how stuff works, and instead you get... something. Something you probably never cared about.

For most of the game you'd think, that this game is about the story of these two girls, and as such their relationship. And it was probably kinda supposed to be like that. It just ended up not being though. Instead you first get the background of one girl, and then a story and climax about the other. But really something to do with these story parts had only one girl at the time. Especially the chapter 3 story was weak, and felt a little too much like "we need our self-insert after all". The arc overstayed its welcome.
Once you hit the end, it becomes painfully obvious how little you really got to know about the relationship between the two girls. It's supposed to be emotional, but can't be, because you never really got to know why they actually care about each other. Or don't for that matter. In fact, the ending itself, with Rin, the "world shattering" and her opinion about staying or not staying with Hotaru, should've been a main story point, and not a random 20 second scene.

I'm honestly confused how the game ended up doing so little with these two girls and their relationship. It uses a lot of scenes where they proclaim their affection to each other, but you see few actions and in the end nothing that actually matters. Perhaps, as such the ending is fitting. Hotaru is in her blue and nice world, isolated, and has nothing, just like there's nothing in that world. Rin is broken, in her broken world, where she laments about losing everything important to her, probably committing suicide. But really, I don't know if this was intended or just ended up being really awkwardly done.

Sidenote: The bad endings were horrible. For people in for the story, the bad endings had too much ero, and the ero didn't even make sense for the story, given the reason why they were hunted. For people in for seeing girls getting raped by monsters, it was too harmless and the game has way too much story which would also end up disappointing for them. Probably were there because they had to be there, given the brand or whatever.