Aiyoku no Eustia

Finished playing Eustia. I usually avoid eroge having '主人公ダメ’ tag with good number of votes on egs, but I don't remember exactly why(probably mistaken with something else) I picked this up. Anyways, the art and production were great, and the music was ok, not the best but good. Overall I didn't like the VN. I liked the prologue and first(Fione) but the hetare and urusai(esp pushing his thick head views in 2nd and 3rd) behavior of the protag from 2nd scenario was a bit painful. More of a personal preference. About the last scenario, though some reasons were given, I didn't find the it really fitting. Seemed more that the writer wanted to go through with an ending.  Especially stuff like submitting to Lucius without taking much info, and even after the return to rougoku and the sex taking so long, as Tia says. I really depressed thinking Tia's gonna be crucified for 500 yrs and kept waiting for an escapade. How he put his ear to his brother in front of the suffering Tia at the end and allowed him to through a knife was really enraging In the end I ended up disliking the protag to almost the level of Takayuki contrasting with a cool start

Also, there quite a bit loose points throughout the vn. Though I can ignore that, and the scope and setting is great. Kind of reminds me of G-Senjou, I didn't like that much too. That had Maou and Guzou, and I didn't find any character as much likeable in Eustia. Another thing that really bothered me is the day being JUST in time, it happened so many times,  including near the end

In the end I feel it would be good for people who like the plot, excitement,pacing and setting, and don't mind some things loose and protagonist failing around. Don't think its near a kamige though, and personally didn't like it that much