Aa Mama ni Naru! ~Anata o Omotte Afureru Oppai~

Just finished ああっママになるっ! ~あなたを想って溢れるおっぱい~
demo.despite the cheap title, this shit was really fucking good. Like really good. The main heroine is just adorable and cute as fuck.

So the main girl Ryouko is your boss at work, she is what you call "modern day female knight "

She is an elite businesswoman, very strict and cool, a perfect career women, except for one thing. she is overflowing with motherhood and don't know how the fuck to deal with it.

Her feelings of wanting to "spoil" the MC who keeps working overtime and pushing himself can't be stopped.

The MC tangles her motherly side and makes her want to spoil him rotten and be his "Mama"

But despite that she is pretty awkward and don't know how to deal with all these feelings.

The game has two point of view, from her and the MC. This is not a story of an MC satisfying his mother fetish, but more like a story of one women coming in terms with her motherly instincts and grow little by little to be your "Mama".

If you ask me this is what peak moe looks like. What's really strange about this game too is that fucking Alpha is doing the art for it, she said that she really nervous because she didn't work on eroge art for a long time, but when they introduced the game project to her, she said " this is indeed something only I can do "

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