11gatsu no Arcadia

I finished 11月のアルカディア yesterday.

I went in with no expectations at all and it ended up being pretty fun. I knew nothing about the VN or its plot aside from its Halloween look so  I was nicely surprised upon the reveal at the end of the prologue in regards to MC's real power and motives
. I also enjoyed some of philosophical talks here and there, notably the one  with Alice in the true route about how she might be "complete", while humans are "incomplete" and "seek to learn" and whatnot.

The girls were all nice, I liked blue best through most of the VN but Sena ended up really taking the cherry from the cake in the end. Her VA is stellar too.
If there's one thing I'm mad about it's  that we didn't get to deflower his sister. Her older sprite looked goergous at the end so I was really hoping to see more of her. Kind of a mean tease there

While I did end up rolling my eyes at times at the questionable choices made by the characters through some moments, I can't say I ever felt irritated at any point while reading it. I realized I somewhat treated it as a play rather than questioning every little things and whether or not they're "realistic" and it worked wonder for my personal enjoyement. So all in all, not a materpiece but pretty a fun and comfy ride in my opinion.

While playing it around Fall is probably optimal, I didn't find the Halloween theme to be invasive or that important, so the VN could be enjoyed at any time of the year in my opinion - in case some would be reluctant to touch it for that reason.

archive: https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S20469049#p20470518